Bubble Parade in 7 days: Part 1 – Registration & Event Translation

It is the first article in the series of blog posts about the journey of Bubble Parade organization in Zurich within 7 days. The goal of these blog posts is twofold. Firstly, they will highlight 7 essential steps in the successful parade organization. Secondly, they intend to show that you do not need sponsors or several months to become an urban activist and to organize a successful flashmob action.



Host application

While filling in online forms is never an entertaining activity, this time it’s truly worth it. There are several benefits of applying on the official website to be the host:

  1. The Bubble Parade Global Team is there to support you in your event organization journey. We have organized the Global Bubble Parade for 3 years, processed over 200 hosts to successfully put an event together with lasting impact. With so much experience the team is loaded with best practices of what worked and what didn’t and they are happy to share this precious knowledge with you.
  2. You join the global network of Bubble Parade hosts. What could be more empowering that meeting 100s of other like-minded people who are organizing such an inspiring event as well in their city? While each of your parades will be unique in their own way, you will go through the organization experience together, always having a group of people who are ready to support you.
  3. The Global Team helps with promotion of your event. Not only they help out with setting up event pages, descriptions and social media content, they also give a good kick start. The Team has a lot of Social Media experts who are ready to jump into a call with you to teach you how to use all tools for mobilizing the local community around the cause you believe in! For serious hosts they also help with kick starting the promotion by featuring the event in main communication channels.
Event translation

After applying to be the host at bubbleparade.org, the Global Team reached out to us with a set-up facebook event that we can start promoting locally. In our case, with 7 days to go, it is of vital importance that all text and graphic works and materials are taken care of. Should we have more time in the end, we can request something custom from the Global Team, as they are very happy to help out. With more time at hand, it is important to localize your Bubble Parade to be relevant for the local audience. Sure, you can assume that everyone should speak English these days – but it’s not a very inclusive approach, is it? The easiest way you can localize the event and reach much bigger group of people is by simply adding a description of the event in your local language. It doesn’t take too much effort, but everyone will appreciate it!

Do you remember that we said that Global Team helps with the promotion? Guess what, when we translated our event page, they have announced our city on the main Global Bubble Parade facebook page, which has made our event immediately reach 1000 people! We haven’t even started to promote it ourselves! That’s an awesome start!