Happy International Bubbles day! Have you ever wonder how it is to host a bubble parade?

Each 6 of May the world is cover with amazing Soap bubbles to celebrate the International Bubble Day!

From Colombia to Netherlands and from Arizona to Zimbabwe, soap bubbles will be blown. The best bubbleologist of the world will gather round to celebrate their profession making the biggest bubbles the world has ever seen!

It doesn’t matter the reason, if it’s either for happiness, fun or just to get through the day, the International Bubbles day will be a day to remember and it’s the perfect start to our amazing Global Bubble Parade on May 29th 2016. 

For this #Internationalbubbleday we prepare something special. We wanted to thank our hosts for taking action for a happier world and for spreading all those #bubbles around. So we actually interview one of our hosts, Mary England, to tell us about how it is to host a #bubbleparade! Check it out!