3 reasons why the Global Bubble Parade is organized

“Who doesn’t like blowing soap bubbles?” – it’s what we always hear from hosts, participants, journalists and city councils. But here are 3 reasons why the Global Bubble Parade goes beyond simply blowing bubbles.

If there is one phrase to explain the key message of the event then it’s this one – happiness is the journey, not the destination. So often we live our lives from day to day, deadline to deadline, goal to goal, that we completely forget to enjoy it. Just as in life, in the end of the Parade there are no fireworks or free candies – you have all what you’ve got during the journey. Therefore, we invite participants to be present here & now, slow down, connect with fellow participants, create lasting memories, do good deeds, and enjoy the Parade while it lasts.

Resilient and inclusive societies. What is the difference between a person seeking a compromise and the one creating a conflict? The compromiser tries to find a common ground, and the conflicter – differences. To build a much more inclusive and resilient society, the Global Bubble Parade builds bridges within society by uniting people around what’s common among all of us – the pursuit of happiness. We bring as diverse groups of people as possible on the streets, let them set all the differences aside and rejoice in a joint parade through the city they all live in.

A community of happy people. From previous Parades we have noticed that there is something in common among avid participants. It’s their willingness to take charge for creating happiness around them. They generally believe that happiness is found in small simple things in daily lives and it’s up to them to spot them. Uniting such people in the city or country maximizes the positive change they can bring to the world. Having such a community of genuinely positive people does not help only its members, but the whole society to regaining its strengths in times of setbacks.

Regardless of what brings you to the Parade, we hope to see you all around the world on May 29.