When the Global Bubble Parade met a Bubbleologist

We interview a Bubbleologist to know what it’s like to do Soap bubbles for a living and to discover the super top secret mix that has that bubblelecious result.


Meet Christian he is originally from Romania; he’s been doing soap bubbles for over 6 years. He has travelled around Europe mainly in Barcelona, France, Italy and all the most touristic spots during the summer.

Making people and specially kids happy is how he earns a living. Because of the Spanish crisis he was unemployed and saw this as an opportunity to do something better that would make him and more people happy.

How did he learn to do giant soap bubbles?

He was taught by a friend and has improved his technique over time. He makes all kinds of bubbles small, big, extra-large depending on the weather conditions. He tells us that the most important factors to make the best soap bubbles are mainly the wind and the type of mix.

“More wind equals smaller bubbles.” Says Christian while he shows us the different kind of wands he created with bandages and bamboo sticks. The equipment shouldn’t be heavy if you are going to do this for the whole day.


What’s in the perfect soap bubble mix?

The perfect Soap Bubble Mix has a lot of ingredients: Beer, Sugar, Coca-Cola, Soap, glue and more!

Just soap is not enough even for small bubbles. He even makes the mix on command for parents and people that want to surprise their love ones with some bubbles!


What’s his favorite thing about doing soap bubbles?

His favorite thing is travelling around Europe during the summer. His favorite spots to make bubbles are Cannes in France, Ventimiglia in Italy and the Arc the Triomf in Barcelona. And his favorite reason for doing Soap bubbles is to see kids happy. “Is the best thing we all can do for them.” He says.  He loves doing it not only for the money but because he likes it.

Check out this amazing video to see Christian in Action and don’t miss the  29th of May the Global Bubble Parade in your city to try doing giant bubbles by yourself! See you there!

When the Bubble Parade met a Bubbleologist