5 reasons why you should host a bubble parade in your city


There is something about bubbles that no matter how old or young you are everyone loves them! This perfect soap and water mix is so multi-colored and shiny that kids can’t stay away and adults can’t too. We can come up with million reasons why you should host a Bubble parade in your city, but we selected the Top 5 to get you all excited and ready to join our parade

1.  You connect with more people. 

There’s nothing like a parade to build a sense of community around us. We walk the streets with people that have interests similar to ours and that share the same passion. Of Course the main purpose is to having a great time but it’s amazing knowing that you can make new friends and start a happiness movement in your city.

2. You make an impact

Yeah, is hard to understand how a parade can make a bigger impact, but it does! Specially if it’s a movement that promotes the idea that happiness is in little things around us. Other parades don’t evoke such existential debates, like happiness, solidarity, well being, peace…They are just fun! This parade wants to build more resilient and diverse communities, to increase awareness about personal well-being and to create positive interactive experiences between the city and its inhabitants.

3.  You make people happy!

Walking the streets of your city with bubble won’t only make you happy but other people happy! It is the perfect scenario where you spread happiness around and make them smile for a minute of their daily routine.

4.  You empower source of happiness

There are simple steps that you can make to empower people and empower yourself to live a more productive happier life. Even though we all have our own journeys, ultimately we will all come up with the same conclusion, that happiness is also an attitude of mind.

By being part of parade that wants to spread happiness you will make more people feel empowered, more engaged and happier.

5. One little step for you a huge step for humanity

We know is cheesy! But we had to say it! Hosting a parade is a small act of kindness that can have a great impact on your city and in the world. You will be in touch with other organizers that love being happiness makers and you will inspire other people to do the same. We need each other’s inspiration to encourage us to change the world.