5 Reason to Join the Global Bubble Parade in Being Mindful

5 Reason to Join the Global Bubble Parade in Being Mindful

Mindfulness is the new big thing and seems to be on everyone’s lips lately. No wonder why, when we are living in such a busy world. Nowadays, we are constantly connected and on the run. Sooner or later it takes its toll on the mind, body and soul. To be mindful is all about accepting the present without judgement and to regain the connection we somehow lose in a hyperconnected world. That’s why we decided to list the five best things about being mindful and why we suggest you try it out as well.


  • Mindfulness has been proven to be key to happiness

     Yes, it’s true. Scientists agree that being mindful is the key ingredient to long-lasting happiness. Why? Being connected to the present truly allows you to engage with others to form deep connections. Also, when you are fully in the present there is no room to ruminate about the past or worry about the future.  

  •  Self-awareness

After all, getting to know yourself is the start of all good change. By learning to listen to yourself, your body and its needs, you will become your own life coach. There will be no doubts on what do or how to direct your life because, as you will find out, you already know what is best to do.

  • Help yourself to help others

Okay, I guess you’ve heard this one before. It is true though – self-care is the first step to giving, without expecting something in return. Give yourself what you need and you’ll find that giving to others will just be a result of wanting to share your happiness with others.

  • Productivity

Mindfulness might not seem like the most action-oriented approach to life but research has shown that positive effects of mindfulness makes you more likely to get things done. Basically, the energy you save by being mindful can go into the important stuff. Smart right?

  •  It’s for everyone

Literally. Anyone can practice mindfulness at anytime and anyplace. So, that’s it, we just gave you five good reasons to give mindfulness a try. Who knows, it might just make you.. Well you know, happy 🙂


Global Bubble Parade practice mindfulness because we are passionate about spreading the word about happiness and leading a fulfilled lifestyle. The parade itself is a perfect opportunity to join with others who share the belief that happiness is the journey, not the destination. To be mindful is to be in the moment, free from distractions and to connect with the people around you. This is what we aim to do with the parade, where we share positivity with one another. Hope to see you on the 28th 🙂